Full automatic vacuum packing machine Automatic vacuum packing machine Full automatic vacuum packing machine for food
Full automatic vacuum packing machine


Applications: Used to packing the chicken feet with the pickled peppers, tea, eggs, spiced dried bean curd, fish balls, dried beef , sliced meat, cooked food, pickled vegetable, laminaria japonica,etc.

Product Features

Main functions: The machine can automatically pumping vacuum and sealing the bags and not need to put the bags by human.

The full automatic vacuum packing machine is our newest product, and we have applied for the national invention patent. With the machine’s success of developing and researching, the food packing enterprises will fulfill automatic producing line.

1.Technical features: The bags automatically conveying into the vacuum chamber, , positioning, vacuum pumping, sealing, and delivering products.

2.Photoelectric sensors collect the data, double vacuum chambers continuous working。 

3.  The equipment with the scientific and reasonable design, the contracture is compact and simple, low fault rate, computer touch screen display ,easy to maintenance.

4.The main materials for the machine use 304 stainless steel, anti-corrosion, good firmness.

5。The vacuum pump use German BUSCH brand, all the electrical components use international brand, long service life, electrical box sealing well, moisture proof and water-proof.

Technical Parameters

Technical parameters:

Power consumption: Three-phase 380V,3KW

Air consumption:0.5m3/min

Packing speed:40-65bags/min(attribute to the bags’ specifications)

Material:The main construction material use SS304,and part is anticorodal aluminum.

Operation and control :Color touch screen operation, and PLC control system

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